Parent-Teacher Relation/Grievance Policy

The success of the school depends to a great extent upon full cooperation between parents and teachers. This policy has been developed from Matthew 18:15-17 to resolve conflicts in a respectful and Christian manner.

1.) Parents or teacher are to contact each other, concerning any negative reports of school matters, and withhold judgement until the matter is discussed.

2.) If an understanding is not reached or the negative reports persist, the parents or teacher should contact each other again and present the grievance in writing.

3.) If the problem is still unresolved after an appropriate amount of time has been allowed, the written grievance should be given to the school board chairperson or pastor, to be discussed with the affected parents or teachers.

4.) If he school board chairperson or pastor fails to resolve the matter, then and only then should it be presented to the executive committee (in writing) to be acted upon.

5.) Implantation of the executive committee's recommendations should include:

  • A statement of the grievance.
  • A statement listing previous discussions concerning the grievance (this should include dates and participants).
  • A plan of action to solve the conflict.
  • Appropriate time constraints for a positive outcome.
  • A statement of consequences if the problem is not resolved.

6.) A recommendation should be given to the concerned party and fully explained, with an invitation to appear before the executive committee to rebut any charges.