Disciplinary Due Process Policy

At the beginning of each school year the teacher will define the general rules of the school and give examples based on the principles of respect.

Occasionally, a situation may arise that calls for further clarification and/or disciplinary action.

The following is the disciplinary due process procedure:

1.) Re-define general rules of the school and explain specific infraction (consequences are optional).

2.) Define a course of action if the behavior/s persist (consequences are optional).

3.) Re-define point/s of infraction and administer consequences.

4.) Conduct a teacher-parent conference/s to produce a corporate remedial plan of action.

5.) Report to the executive committee, so it can monitor the situation and propose criterion for student's retention or dismissal.

6.) Present the situation to the school board for a vote on retention or dismissal.


This disciplinary due process is sequential, however any or all steps may be combined depending on the severity of the infraction