School Closure Policy For Bad Weather

In the event of extremely bad weather, the following policy will govern school closure:

1.) Stone Ridge Christian School follows the Duluth Public School's "bad weather" closing procedures, parents are asked to listen to local media outlets for details.

2.) If parents are unable to bring their child to school because they feel that conditions make travel too dangerous, they should notify their child's teacher. The students will be given an excused absence if this procedure is followed.

Student Insurance

Limited student insurance (secondary coverage) is included in tuition. Full coverage is provided for accidents occurring during school hours on school campus or off school campus during a school sponsored activity such as a field trip. In the case of an accident, if possible, the parent or person taking the student for treatment should pick up an insurance form, attach statements and return them to the school's administrator promptly. It is the responsibility of the parent to see that the forms and all statements are turned into the school's administrator within 20 days. The insurance company requires the information before a certain deadline.