Attendance Policy

Absences are excusable only if the student is ill, has medical appointments (please make appointments after school hours if possible), or if there is a death, injury, or serious illness in the immediate family.

It is recognized that emergencies and other legitimate reasons may arise where a student may need to be absent from school. Whenever this occurs, the student's teacher should be informed as soon as possible and a written note should be submitted by the parents, stating the specific reason for the need of the absence. At this time the teacher will inform those concerned, whether or not such a request will be honored and the proposed absence, excused.

Since there tends to be a direct relationship between the quality of education and the looseness or strength of the school's attendance policy, the following limits and penalties have been set to encourage each parent to help his / her child to take school attendance and punctuality seriously:

1.) Written excuses for all absences and tardy(s) are required the first day back to school.

2.) A student who is tardy more than twenty percent of a grading period will have his / her attendance records reviewed by the school board.

3.) A pupil who is absent as many as seven days out of a grading period, for whatever cause, may forfeit his / her grades unless it is evident to the teacher that his / her work has been satisfactorily made-up.

4.) The attendance, along with citizenship and scholastic grades, become a part of the student's permanent record and will be listed on his / her transcripts.

5.) One day is allowed for make-up work for each day of an excused absence. No make-up work is allowed unless a signed excuse has been turned in on time.