1. Children should not arrive at school any earlier than (7:50 am) Ten minutes before classes start and remain no longer than Ten minutes after classes end (4:40pm), unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher / supervisor.

2. Visitors are welcome at any time to observe the school program in action. However, letting the teacher/s know of a visit ahead of time can optimize the experience.

3. Students are to obtain the consent of their teacher before bringing non-adult visitors to school.

4. Students are not to leave the school grounds without their teacher's permission.

5. All students are expected to participate in organized recesses (Physical Education Classes) unless excused by a parent because of special circumstances.

6. The school telephone is for school business only. Teachers and students should not be called during class time except in an emergency. Students may use the phone before school, during lunch time, or after school, and only with the permission of the teacher.

7. Students must be instructed in bicycle safety before they ride a bicycle to school. Bicycles are to be parked in assigned places. Students may not move their bicycles during school unless permission is given by their teacher.

8. Students should wear neat, clean, and modest clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Clothing that depicts non-Christian principles is prohibited.

9. The school promotes a healthy lifestyle. It provides students with physical education opportunities in the fresh air and sunshine. We encourage students to hydrate and get adequate rest and to trust in God. We teach the merits of self-control and advocate a plant based diet.

10. Jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.) is not permitted.